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What You Need To Know About Noise

Too Much Noise?

Noise level of common sounds
Common Sounds Noise (dB) Notes
Jet engine 140 Painful
Night club 120 Starts to hurt
Football game (stadium) 117  
Power saw Rock band 110 If you hear this for more than one minute every day you risk losing some of your hearing for good.
Snowmobile 105  
Garbage truck 100 You shouldn't be around this noise without protection for more than 15 minutes a day.
Farm tractor 98  


Electric razor

Some factories
85 Hearing damage begins if you are around the noise for 8 hours or more in a day. Hearing protection should be used
Average city traffic 80  
Normal conversation 60  
Refrigerator 40  
Whisper 30  
Normal Breathing 10  

Circle the person's name if you think they should be using ear plugs or ear muffs. Use the chart to make your decision.