Live Safe! Work Smart!

Resources for Grade 9-12 Courses

Live Safe! Work Smart! CD coverThese resources, which have been distributed to Ontario Secondary Schools in binder format and on CD-ROM, are designed to help teachers deliver lessons in all of the course streams where there are health and safety learning expectations in the secondary curriculum.

Although these resources have been available for some time now, new teachers are starting all the time and the word might not have filtered down to many teachers, so here are some frequently asked questions about the resources.

Note: The resources linked below open in a new tab/window.

Is there material for my course?

Maybe. Over 80 courses have learning expectations related to health and safety, and there are resources for each of those courses, which are in the following subject areas and grades. The links will open documents with the learning expectations for each course in the subject stream.

There's so much information. How do I find my course?

It's easy to find the material for your course by starting with the learning expectations table.

If, for example, you are teaching Computer and Information Science in Grade 12, you will find that your course has a specific expectation that students be able to use appropriate strategies to avoid health and safety problems associated with computer use, such as musculo-skeletal disorders and eyestrain.

section of expectations table for Grade 12 Computer and Informaiton Science

Across from this expectation in the table you'll find a page number reference (just click on the link in the CD-ROM version) that directs you to a lesson covering computer workstation set-up and chair adjustment.

Two handouts accompany the lesson: a computer workstation checklist and an illustration of exercises to do while working on a computer to help relieve muscle strain and tension.

For every lesson masters for overheads and suggested review questions are provided. If you are using the CD there are hyperlinks to these from the lessons.

I'd like to check out the resources. Are they still available?

The Live Safe! Work Smart! materials were distributed in binders for Grades 9-10 and 11-12 and on one CD which has all of the material from both binders in both English and French.

Originally there were separate CDs for Grades 9-10 and 11-12 in each language. These are still usable, although the new CD has an improved format for the overheads to make them easier to photocopy.

At this time the Grade 9-10 and Grade 11-12 binders are out of print. The Grade 9-12 CD is in stock and available free of charge to Ontario secondary school teachers.  Please visit the Publications Ontario website to order a copy.

Can I find the lessons online?

Because the material needs to print at reasonable quality the files can be quite large in size. As a result we are unable to provide an online version that will download quickly, so we don't have plans to make the rest of the material available online for download.

Can I customize the materials for my lessons?

Yes. If you have the CD you can copy and paste text and graphics from the PDF files into your word processor and make changes to the text to fit your lesson plan. Some teachers like to take the material and paste it into a PowerPoint presentation for projection in class. Of course you can project the handouts and overheads as they are from Adobe© Reader© in full screen mode. This had the advantage of retaining the portrait orientation of the overheads.

Can I suggest improvements for future editions?

Certainly. We welcome all suggestions from teachers. Send us your feedback and, with your permission, we'll post it in “What you're telling us”. If you have any stories about how you've used the resources we'd love to hear them. A resource like this is strongest when it's a cooperative enterprise and teachers always amaze us with their creative ideas.

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